How to Decorate a Small Space

Decorating a room is indeed a must if you have a room that is not used and wants to be used for certain purposes. Even though it looks simple but many people experience different obstacles because of the limitation of the space they have.

Some people have large room spaces and some have narrow spaces. It Will was not a problem if you decorate a spacious room, but how to decorate a narrow space?

He said you should be able to find ideas to make use of the narrow space that can look spacious and remain functional. Therefore apply the following tips to decorate narrow spaces.

Choose Functional Furniture

One of the tips to be able to decorate a narrow space to look spacious and functional remains is by trying to choose functional furniture. So you don’t need to buy furniture that looks too luxurious and big because it will narrow the space and maybe a function that won’t work optimally.

That’s why to use the most possible furniture and according to your requirements. We recommend buying a voltmeter that doesn’t diminish too big but has several functions at once like the lower ladder can be used as a closet.

Use The Wall

The second tip if you want to decorate a narrow space, it can be done by utilizing an empty wall. Because if you want to decorate a minimalist theme of course you have to be able to use all the space.

You can use the wall to attach some furniture what a wall shelf or other. You can use the shoe rack that can be pasted on the wall so it will save more space.

Use the Furniture

To make a narrow space have a broad impression then you can use folding furniture that has several functions at once. If you don’t know about furniture like this, you can try to see it via the internet.

Because there are some interesting folding furniture and will certainly be very suitable to put on a narrow room. Like a sleeping bed that can be folded so that when thrown it will bring up a hidden table. This does not make you have to use space to save the table.

Give A Bright Impression On The Color Of The Room

Other tips that you can try applying if you want to decorate a narrow space but want to look spacious and maximal, you can try to change the color of the room. Because by giving a bright impression it will turn out to make the room look wider.

So you can try replacing the main wall paint with bright colors like light blue, gray, and others. So that it will not be a problem if it will be combined with furniture that has dark colors even because it will be dominated by bright colors.

Pin The Mirror On Several Sides

The mirror is also one of the important weapons to be able to give a broad impression in a narrow space. This has been proven by many people and applied to several houses with a minimalist impression.

Use a few mirrors with moderate or large sizes to stick on several sides of your narrow space. As much as possible avoid using mirrors that have too large or thick frames so as not to eat other rooms. Just use the glass with a normal frame without any addition.