Are All Relationships On WWE Show Real?

Who is Liv Morgan married to? This question might rise in your head since WWE frequently features on-screen couples whether it is fake or not. But, the answer to that question is yes. Liv Morgan is married to Jake Anderson, the professional WWE wrestler.

The nonstop entertainment cycle of professional wrestling makes it ideal for the 24-hour news cycle of the dirt sheets that cover it.

The connections that naturally develop between coworkers outside of the ring are one of the more popular subjects among said dirt sheets.

Stacy Keibler’s relationship with A-list actor George Clooney has recently made headlines, which reminds us of other pro wrestling pairings that have captured the attention of both fans and commentators.

WWE has shot a number of angles with on-screen couples, but history suggests that the majority of these on-screen relationships are real or eventually become real.

For all the bad clouds that continue to permanently linger over the wrestling profession, clouds which appear to be annually deepened by untimely deaths of legendary wrestlers, pro wrestling has given way to some of the more spectacular real-life relationships in the entertainment sector.

Five Actual Couples in Wrestling

WWE frequently features on-screen couples since the organization enjoys running romantic plotlines on occasion. There have been some well-known on-screen couples that have been romanced only for the plot in every era of WWE.

But occasionally a kayfabe romance could develop into a genuine one. Some on-screen couples may transition their romance from television to real life because they spend the bulk of the year traveling and because they have been working together for months or even years. As a result, many on-screen couples have gone on to date or wed in real life.

Brock Lesnar and Sable

Technically, the romance between Brock Lesnar and Sable dates back to an earlier plot. When Brock turned heel in 2003 and began sleeping with Sable on-screen, Vince McMahon invited him into his inner circle.

Lesnar appeared to be flirting with Sable for a brief moment, but nothing more transpired beyond their shared allegiance. When WWE learned that Lesnar had begun dating Sable at the conclusion of their stints, they were surprised. Both of them made the decision to leave the organization, and despite Lesnar’s current notoriety, Sable has never come back.

Michele McCool and Undertaker

The WWE has never used the Undertaker’s personal life outside of his “deadman” role since he is always one to maintain the kayfabe.

Following their divorce, the Undertaker changed his name to WWE Diva Michele McCool. Even though they are still on SmackDown brand up until McCool’s retirement, the two kept their romance a secret.

Recently, the Undertaker has been dealing with crippling ailments, and McCool has been by his side, even being permitted to take time off the road to be with her illustrious husband.

In June of last year, McCool and Undertaker were married. Online images of the wedding of McCool and the Undertaker appeared, which Vince probably wasn’t too pleased with.

Lita and Matt Hardy

When Lita was the Hardy Boyz’s manager, the two were romantically involved both off-screen and in real life.

WWE tried to capitalize on the scandal by bringing Hardy back to fight with Edge after the widely reported affair between Edge and Lita that resulted in Hardy’s termination from the business for acting in an unprofessional manner.

The rivalry ended, and while Edge rose to new heights in his career as a result of this nefarious deed, Hardy remained a mid-card performer for the balance of his career albeit occasionally flirting with the top tier.

Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage

Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s late manager Miss Elizabeth, who served as his on-screen valet for the most of his career, was a household name.

Although they had been married since 1984, the unofficial first pair of wrestling openly tied the knot in the “Match Made in Heaven” at SummerSlam in 1991.

Unfortunately in 1992, Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage got divorced, although they continued to work together on-screen until Savage switched from WWE to WCW in the mid-’90s.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

The marriage and/or love story of the WWE heirs to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon practically played out on television.

After a spectacular shotgun wedding in which Stephanie was forced to elope with Triple H, the couple started dating and finally got married.

Despite the fact that Triple H has a Hall of Fame wrestling career, many of the more cynical critics (as if there are any other types of wrestling critics) wrongly credit his success to his marriage to Stephanie McMahon.

In his role as executive senior adviser for WWE, where he oversees the hit-or-miss emerging talent section, Triple H is presently in a state of semi-retirement. Vice President of Creative and Developmental Operations Stephanie.

Well, to conclude, if you’re questioning “Are All Relationships On WWE Show Is Real?” The answer to this might be no. But, there are some real romance story among them as well. If you also questioning Who is Liv Morgan married to? We have written down the answer in the beginning of this article.

5 Ways to Bond With Pets

According to, one important thing for animal adopters to do is build with the animals that are kept. Building with a pet can be the key to the adopter and his pet getting closer.

Why Should You Build a Bond?

Bonding with pets will help pet owners understand the behavior of their pets. As for pets, what is formed will make them more affectionate to their masters and become loyal animals.

The bond between owner and pet will allow them to understand each other, even if they don’t understand the same language. The communication that exists only relies on the feelings of the owner and the instincts of the pet.

5 ways to bond with pets

There are 5 ways you can use to build a bond with your pet :

  1. Pay Attention and Communicate Pets

The first is to pay attention to the pet and try to keep in touch. Neither the owner nor the pet will be able to understand each other’s language.

Even so, you should still pay attention to your pet and invite him to communicate. This is considered able to make the pet learn a little bit about what you want to convey to him.

communicate in various situations such as when you are happy and when you are sad. According to, such conditions will certainly make your emotions easy for your pet to read.

If you keep doing this, eventually your pet will begin to understand what you are saying and what you want. If you have achieved this, you can be sure that you and your pet already have one.

  1. Body Gestures

The second is to learn body gestures from pets. To build a friendship with a pet you must understand the body gestures of your pet. You can learn animal gestures by reading books or watching videos online.

You also have to be able to adapt your body gestures to the response your pet gives. An example is when you call your pet you should not use a high tone of voice because it can scare your pet.

  1. Take the Pets for a Walk and Play

The third is to take the pet for a walk in the house and invite him to play. By playing together, your pet will feel happy and begin to understand little by little until a new one is created.

  1. Treating Pets Like Family

The fourth is that you must consider your pet as a member of the family. If you take care of pets like this, then you will become close to your pets.

  1. Giving Love

The last is to give affection to pets. You can give love by giving her favorite food, her favorite drink, play equipment, and so on. This will bring the pet closer to you.

Those are 5 ways you can build your pet. According to building a bond cannot be done in a short time. All of that requires a process depending on you and your pet. So, you have to be patient if you want to build a bond with your pet.

Do You Care About Height When Dating?

Dating is a very important thing for a couple because it will be the right moment for them to spend time together. It can also be said that dating is an important thing to strengthen their relationship because it will get to know each other.

But unfortunately, there are still many people who talk about body differences for a couple when dating. Some examples include the difference in height between the two couples.

Many also ask about their opinion if they have a significant height difference when dating? Does it make them insecure? This is not something that needs to be debated.

Because if our love is sincere, we will look at the shortcomings or physical characteristics of their partners. Because you know that love can happen without a reason if there is a reason why you love him it means it does not love.

So many couples reveal that their height difference is not a major problem at work. They even say “Who’s care!” this shows very clearly that physical differences are not an obstacle for them to spend time together.

To be able to prove that this height is not a problem in love affairs, I will give some interesting examples of several couples who have different heights and may not conform to the general rules of society.

Hayden Panettire and Wladimir Klitscho (152 cm and 198 cm)

Wladimir Klitschko is a boxer who has a height of 198 cm. He has a partner named Hayden Panettiere who is a Hollywood star whose height is only 152 cm.

You can see that the two height differences between the couple are so far apart that if they both walked together on a date maybe you would be able to see the height difference.

But does this make an obstacle for them in a romantic relationship? No, because the two have a harmonious relationship so that many people replace the stigma that height is not something to be concerned about when dating.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth is one of the well-known figures due to his successful role in delivering various Avengers films to become very popular. Thor’s character is also widely highlighted not only because of his successful career but also because of his love relationship.

Where many people highlight the height difference between him and his partner, Elsa Pataky. Chris himself is a person who has a height of 190 cm, while his girlfriend Elsa Pataky who is an artist from Spain only has a height of about 160 cm.

It is often seen that her feet often use high heels when on a date but also can’t cover the big height difference. But this is not a problem for them and they are confident to publicize their relationship in public.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

Examples of several other couples who have a significant height difference are Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher. Sacha Baron Cohen is an actor and comedian who is 191 cm tall.

As for his wife, Isla Fisher, she is one of the most well-known actresses where her height is only 160 CM. But it is not as people imagine that the height difference can be a disharmony relationship.

Because it is proven that the relationship between this couple is indeed very peaceful, they will still show their affection in public as husband and wife. That’s why it doesn’t become a barrier for them if a significant height difference is a barrier to having a romantic relationship.

You don’t need to listen to what other people have to say about your relationship that talks about the physical. because it is you who live the romance and not them. Then from that, you just need to live it according to your heart.