Celebrity and What the Media Doesn’t Tell

There are lots of interesting things about today celebrity gossip that we all want to know. However, believe me, not everything about this celebrity is reported in the media.

There are many things and pieces of information about today celebrity gossip that we do not know and that are not reported by the media. Then, what are the things about celebrities that are not reported in the mainstream media?

Here we will talk about these things, and hopefully it can give you useful and useful information, and of course, it will be good information for you, and at the same time give you insight into the celebrity world.

What the Media Doesn’t Tell You About Celebrity Relationships

Being a celebrity is of course a different world from most people, because celebrities are people who are always present in the entertainment world and can always provide entertaining things. Of course, there is a lot of news about celebrities, who are rarely known by many people and are not exposed in the media either.

Then, what types of information are usually not exposed by the media? Here we will talk about what types of news are not picked up by the media about celebrities.

There’s a lot of news today about celebrity gossip relationships that don’t get caught in the media. This is one of the mysteries that makes a lot of celebrity relationships even more mysterious.

Then, what is the news about celebrity relationships that are rarely picked up by the media at all? So, here is some news about celebrities that the media doesn’t reveal.

Romance Relations With Fellow Celebrities

Don’t be surprised if news about celebrity relationships is not reported at all by the media. This was indeed deliberately done by the media to keep the information secret. Of course, this is usually done at the request of the agency that oversees the two celebrities, so that their love news will be more secure and private.


This is one thing that is often covered up in the world of media. There are lots of cases or scandals involving artists or celebrities that are kept secret by the media and not disclosed by the media. This is of course related to security, privacy, and possibly protecting other parties from losses.

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Celebrity Weddings

Is one of the things that is often not raised by the media and is not reported globally. Marriage is usually a sacred moment, and indeed, many celebrities want to make this moment very private and limited so that it is only shared by family and those closest to them.

Affair Between Celebrities

One of the stories that will not be picked up by the media is usually one about infidelity. Stories like this are usually enough to cause an uproar, but indeed, most media are reluctant to bring this story to the media because it is felt that it can harm many parties, and this usually becomes a story that is not told to the major media.

Birth of a Child

One of the types of news that is rarely exposed to the media is news about the birth of a child. Usually, this birth is kept secret because the parents want to give their newborn child privacy. So, usually, this kind of news is not picked up by the media because of requests from these celebrities.

Those are some things about celebrities that are usually not covered in the media. Some of this information and news may be considered sensitive in some circles. Well, those are some things the media doesn’t tell you about today celebrity gossip.

Tips for Using Yarn for Your DIY Projects

If you have DIY projects that require the use of Yarn, there are many things that you can do, and a few ways to maximize the uses of the yarn itself. Yarn is a very versatile material, either for knitting, embroidery, or using it as the connecting knot. It is a very strong, and versatile material, that is not only used for decorations, but also for many other purposes, for example, the Excel Yarn that could be used in various ways.

To make sure you can create beautiful DIY projects, or finish out your embroideries, here are a few tips for using Yarn for your projects, how you can maximize the use of Yarn, and how you should add yarn here and there for your projects.

Tips and tricks to maximize Yarn use for your projects

When you are making crochet or trying to knit on your projects using yarn, there are many things that you can do. Don’t be afraid to experiment with any different type of yarn, and many different projects, techniques, and many more. Not only that, if you want to know more about knitting, you could ask many other expert knitters, in the group community and share your thought about it.

So, if you want to make sure you can maximize the use of Excel Yarn and how you could make beautiful crochet out of it, here are a few tips that you can do to maximize the use of yarn.

·         Learn about the materials of each fabric

Remember that different fabrics are made of different materials. Fabrics like wool, cotton, polyester, synthetic fabrics, rayon fabrics, excel yarn, and many more, of them, are made of different materials, as such, each of them has different characteristics that you should take note of. This could affect how you should knit, and create your crochet out of it.

For example, wool has soft, and insulating cloth, it would make the best crochet, and knitting materials. If you want to practice though, you should use easier and cheaper materials such as polyester fabrics, rayon, and excel yarn.

·         Don’t be afraid to experiment, and rip on the yarn

Experiment with new things, getting accustomed to how the yarn fabrics could let you understand how you can knit on many various projects. Try to rip out the yarn to see each fiber, and you can also create a more flexible approach to your projects by doing so.

·         Try to make new projects that will make you learn new things

Make new projects that will let you learn a few different new things. This way, you can also experiment with many different types of techniques when handling about different sets of yarn, so don’t be afraid of making new projects.

·         Practice, and practice

Practice makes perfect, and this is the key to everything, including how you should handle the different fabrics. The more you practice, the more you will understand the art of knitting and Yarn.

Excel Yarn, for example, is an excellent material that can be used for various purposes, and it has excellent durability, and flexibility, and is easier to dye. It provides excellent quality in the crochet and would make for easier practice yarn if you are still learning how to knit, and make crochet.

If you want to know more about Yarn, especially yarn types, such as rayon yarn, Excel Yarn, and many more, then you would have come to the right place. Make sure to visit our website here, to better understand how Yarn is produced, and how you can create an intricate design just by using Yarn for your projects.

The Best Exotic Plants in Your Home Decor

Philodendron Birkin is one of the plants that become famous and we can say it’s also relatively new. This plant is also a part of the Philodendron variety and it has glossy, yet dark and big green leaves, it also has a tiny creamy white stripe on the surface of the leaves.

In general, this kind of plant has an oval shape on the leaves part and is also a bit pointed on the tip part. Sometimes others may have a round shape and also sometimes it has a heart shape. The Philodendron Birkin is a houseplant that has slow growth, and that means it will take a few years to reach its maximum size.

If you have a baby Philodendron, it will be perfect for you if you use it as the tabletop on your desk. You also need to know the proper care of this kind of plant if you want to grow it in a very healthy and perfect way.

The Origin of the Plant

Many people believe that the Philodendron Birkin is a hybrid, and it happened because of the cross-breeding between the Rojo Congo and the Imperial Green, which originates from Thailand. The name of the plant itself came from Greek words, which Phileo means Love and Dendron means tree.

So, we can assume that the plant is the love tree. If you want to have this kind of plant in your house, you need to learn about the signature style that comes from this plant, when you understand that, you can make these exotic plants as your home décor.

Plants are something that we can use to decorate our house, and of course, choosing the right plants will help you to bring the best looks to your house. Well, if you want to make your house looks great and different from the others, you can add this kind of plant to your home.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Plants for Home Decor

Here are some tips that you can use, to help you can find the good plants that might suit your house. With this hopefully, you can be able to bring a new different look inside your house and of course, you can make your home a better place to live. Here are some tips that we can give to you in today’s article.

  1. You can choose the plants according to the rarity of the plant because it will bring something that looks amazing to your house.
  2. You can choose the plant with the perfect size which can fit inside your home. Try looking at some plants that have a mini size, that would be perfect for you.
  3. Use a plant that doesn’t need hard maintenance, because you will use it as décor. That’s why you must choose the plants that you can easily take care of.
  4. Choose the plants that look exotic it will bring a new different level to your home.
  5. Choose the one that has a good price, because you don’t want to spend lots of money on something like plants, especially if you are not a collector.

Thus are the five things that you need to do, to find the perfect plants that you can use as a décor in your home. Hopefully, it could bring some help in finding the perfect plants that you can put in your home and bring a new different look instantly.

One of the best plants that you can pick is the Philodendron Birkin this kind of plant will give you home something that will make your home become something new and it will make your home looks beautiful and awesome.

The Ultimate Guide to Branding a Business

When you hear the word brand, what comes to your mind? Is it a brand or something else? The understanding of the brand itself is very broad, the brand is part of the business, one can see a trusted business or not by looking at the brand, therefore the existence of a brand in a business is very necessary, and the selection of font for brand design also greatly influences the brand.

Some Easy Ways to Build a Brand for Beginners

For those of you who want to start a business, the important step we need to do is to build a brand first. There are several ways that we can do this, as follows;

  1. Doing research

The first step you can take in building a brand is to do research. The research aims to find out whether the future of your business is worth doing or not.

  1. Determine the appropriate brand name

As a business owner, determining a brand in a business is very important, because this will affect the brand logo, font for brand design, and also registration for trademarks.

  1. Brand logo design

Apart from the brand name, we also in starting a brand must think about the design of the brand logo, that’s because it will be our hallmark in business, usually, someone will recognize a brand just by looking at the design of the logo, therefore logo design is highly recommended in a business.

How To Do an Attractive Branding Guide

Branding itself in a business is something that is classified as very important, by doing an attractive branding it will have its own plus value for our business, with a unique and attractive brand it will make our brand easily recognized by people. The following are some interesting and unique branding guidelines;

  • Choose a short and easy brand name

The selection of a short and easy brand name will make it easier for someone to remember our brand, in addition to choosing a brand name, the selection of font for brand design also needs to be considered, the book of Isa chooses the type of font that matches the design of the logo.

  • Determine the characteristics of the product

The characteristics of products in a business are important, their characteristics make us different from others, and that difference will make us more recognizable to many people. Usually, something that looks different will be more dominant than something that has the same value because it will seem ordinary.

  • Utilizing social media

In this modern era, in doing branding we also need to use the benefits of social media, where social media itself has a very wide network, so our branding will reach a wide network as well. This globalization has brought us to a completely online era so that online branding marketing greatly affects the quality of our business brand

  • Participate in various exhibitions

In addition to always promoting our brand through social media, we also need to frequently include our brand in various kinds of festivals, because then the wider community will know us better and also trust our business more not only online. This opportunity is very good to increase the trust of consumers.

Those are some of the main guidelines that are quite important in branding our business, in addition to choosing font for brand design, we also need to choose designs that are suitable for the products we market. The things above we can easily do when we want to do a business. Hopefully, this article can be an illustration for business beginners who have the intention to have a brand in their business. Good luck, good luck!

8 Elements for Your E-Learning Design

E-learning is now widely used for certain education and training. The main focus and goal of e-learning are that the audience can focus and ensure they can get the best results from the training.

The general purpose of making e-learning is to increase knowledge, change student behavior, and student satisfaction in gaining knowledge.

E-learning requires a computer as the main device. If you want to create a user-friendly e-learning design, of course, you have to pay attention to several things.

AlfinTech Computer will provide some tips to create a design that is easily understood by all e-learning users. So, you can provide satisfaction to all users.

Computer Elements That Can Be Used in E-Learning Design

As we know that e-learning must offer easy usage and the interface can be understood by all students.

Therefore, several important elements must be present in e-learning design. Here are some things to note:

  1. Navigation

When designing e-learning, the first thing to consider is intuitive navigation. If there is no navigation, then students will not understand what they have to do.

With this navigation, it means that you have made this e-learning simple and user-friendly. Even many students are frustrated because e-learning has confusing navigation.

For example, you can put navigation links in the e-learning design. Also, make sure the navigation elements you add can be seen and reached by users.

  1. Informative Introduction Screen

You also need to create a sufficiently informative introductory screen that explains to students what they expect from this lesson.

Write a letter explaining that students should be interested and know the benefits of this training. Give some clear and relevant instructions so students know what to do.

You can also use some important elements that you can get at to create an e-learning design.

  1. Write Easy-to-Read Text

Avoid putting text with long paragraphs, long sentences, and very large blocks of text. Because this can make students frustrated during this training.

You can use shorter sentences and add more media so that students better understand the purpose of this training. You can add some important elements obtained from AlfinTech Computer for e-learning design.

Make short paragraphs and present actual information to students. This will increase student satisfaction in using the e-learning website that you create.

  1. Create Interesting Content

E-learning does not only focus on training, but you also have to add some other content. Such as images, audio, video, and other user-friendly interactive elements.

You can add some information related to training. This will make the learner better understand the training quickly.

  1. Add Guide Icons and Tips

When you explain something complex, it will cause many paragraphs that interfere with the e-learning interface.

Moreover, adding a long explanation, may not be needed by all students. To work around this, you can add tooltips or guides that can be revealed to students by clicking.

You can add a question mark icon next to a navigation element or given instructions. By tapping this question mark icon, students can get more information about what they have to do.

  1. Consistent View

To create an e-learning design, you need to create a consistent display. Keep the module layout consistent across all screens.

This will make it easier for students to reach all the training materials easily.

  1. Responsive Design

The most important thing in creating an e-learning design is a responsive design. You should not design e-learning for desktop viewing only.

This can make your e-learning website unfriendly to smartphone users. Make e-learning designs that are responsive and can be used on various devices.

  1. Fast Loading

Of course, you have to make fast loading on your e-learning page. Because slow loading can make students frustrated.

Make sure the e-learning website that you create is faster loading. So, students can get a more enjoyable training experience.

Thus AlfinTech Computer recommends some computer elements that you can include in your e-learning design. All of these elements must be present in your e-learning design to increase student satisfaction.

Of course, with this user-friendly e-learning design, students can follow instructions well. Especially if you add a reciprocal feature that allows them to provide tips and suggestions for the e-learning website to be further improved and can make students get the perfect training.

4 Ways to Learn Improving Your Skill

Do you want to be a great musician? Of course, you must be able to improve your ability to play a musical instrument. Becoming a great musician must begin with continuing to learn to use a musical instrument.

When you keep learning, you can overcome any challenges in the future. Because by learning, you will improve your ability to use musical instruments and create music.

One way to improve the ability to use musical instruments is to listen to music from various genres. At mp3 juice you can listen to a lot of music by great musicians.

By listening to many music references, you will improve your ability to recognize the genre of music you want to create.

How to Improve the Ability to Play a Musical Instrument

To improve your ability to play a musical instrument, as a musician of course you have to keep learning. Here are some things you can do to learn to improve your ability to use a musical instrument.

  1. Select Instrument

As a musician, you don’t have to master all kinds of instruments. But you need to study or know them. Because each of these instruments will be useful in making music.

It starts with learning to recognize the type of instrument and choose the instrument that you are good at. For example, you master the guitar instrument. So, keep learning guitar chords to improve your skills.

You can also visit a musical instrument store and try some instruments. You can talk to music store employees because they will learn the instrument and can help you learn.

You can hear other musicians playing their instruments. One of them is at mp3 juice you can hear many great musicians playing their musical instruments.

You also need to research the maintenance costs of the instrument you choose. Because the instrument must get proper care to have a long life. Moreover, the instrument you choose has an expensive price.

You can also find an instrument that is the right size and suitable for use by you. Consider finger size, arm strength, and hand span.

  1. Know the Basics

When learning an instrument, you need to know the basics so that you can improve your playing skills. If you don’t understand the basics, then you won’t be able to grow.

Recognize starting from the right sitting position and the right posture. In addition, learn the instrument properly. Because playing a musical instrument in the correct position, will produce a beautiful sound.

Make the instrument can produce sound properly. You need to learn how to make sounds using the instrument of your choice.

It may take you some time to play an instrument properly and produce the sound you want. So before producing music, you need to recognize the sound produced by your instrument.

You can also hire a music teacher. A teacher can help prevent your bad habits while playing music.

They will also motivate you to keep learning and accompany you until you can master the chosen instrument.

  1. Maximize Exercise

When practicing using the instrument, you can listen to other songs at mp3 juice. You can learn to accompany the music you listen to.

This will improve your ability to play music. You can think of this as a training session and you have to look your best. Especially when you want to join a musical performance, then try to practice accompanying the song you listen to.

You can create a consistent workout schedule. Say you train for 30 minutes 3 or 5 days a week. Try to be consistent with the schedule you make.

Even outside of your practice hours, you also need to play the instrument of your choice. Daily practice will make you more master of the instrument that has been chosen.

  1. Expand Music Knowledge

You can listen to stories of great musicians who succeeded in creating popular music. You can also read various knowledge about music.

To improve your skills, you can play instruments in public so that you are more enthusiastic and get feedback from the audience.

You can listen to music at while playing the instrument. Of course, this will improve your skills and you will increasingly master the technique of playing musical instruments.

5 Negara Penghasil Minyak Sawit Teratas Di Dunia

Palm oil or known as Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is one of the main ingredients used for thousands of products that are useful for humans.

As we know, palm oil can be used as a raw material for making food, beauty products, hygiene, and biodiesel. Therefore, as the years go by, the demand for palm oil is higher.

The largest use of palm oil is for cooking in every household around the world. Because palm oil can produce foods that are more savory, last longer, and are more delicious.

Indonesia has a palm plantation in Medan which is one of the largest oil palm plantations in Indonesia. Although Indonesia is the largest palm oil-producing country in the world, several other countries also produce palm oil.

Best Palm Oil Producing Countries

Oil palm can be grown in tropical countries, namely countries that get full sun and have high enough rainfall. So usually palm oil-producing countries are countries with warm temperatures.

Here are some of the largest palm oil producers in the world:

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia has been known as the world’s largest producer of palm oil since the 1990s. Palm plantation in Medan are one of the largest palm oil plantations in Indonesia that produce the largest palm oil.

In 2019, palm oil production in Indonesia even reached 43.5 tons and the annual growth was 3.61%.

Palm plantation in Medan are just one example of the largest oil palm plantations in Indonesia. Other areas such as Riau, North Kalimantan, and North Sumatra also have the largest oil palm plantations.

  1. Malaysia

Not much different from Indonesia, Malaysia is also the largest palm oil producer in the world because it can produce 19.3 tons of palm oil in 2019.

Malaysia has an area of ​​5.35 million hectares of oil palm and is spread across various regions. However, although the amount of land is quite high, the growth rate of palm oil production in Malaysia is very low at 0.96% per year.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is one of the largest tropical palm oil-producing countries in the world. Still, both in Southeast Asia, Thailand managed to produce up to 3 million tons of palm oil in 2019.

This number is increasing every year. Whereas Thailand only has 810 hectares of oil palm land. For the average rate of production growth, Thailand is much better than Malaysia, reaching 3.45% per year.

Although this country is a small country, Thailand has managed to prove that they are the largest palm oil producer in the world and can meet global market demands.

  1. Colombia

Colombia is the only country in Latin America that has succeeded in producing large amounts of palm oil. In 2019, Colombia managed to produce 1.68 million tons of palm oil on 260,000 hectares of land.

However, the growth rate of palm oil production is also quite high, namely 3.38% per year.

  1. Nigeria

The last largest palm oil-producing country in the world is Nigeria. This country is located on the African continent and is the largest producer of palm oil.

Because the production figure reached 1.01 million tons in 2019. Even though Nigeria only has an area of ​​2.5 million hectares of palm oil spread across various regions.

These are some of the largest palm oil-producing countries in the world. One of the largest oil palm plantations in the world is in Medan. Even palm plantation in Medan are one of the largest contributors to palm oil exports in Indonesia.

Of course, the largest palm oil-producing country in the world is included in a tropical country that gets full sun and allows oil palm plants to thrive.

Car Designs that Revolutionized the Vehicle Industry

Every year there will always be a car with the latest technology. Of course, this new technology will improve existing functions.

Every year many cars have more sophisticated and modern designs. One of them is the 2023 Accord, which is a car that was redesigned to be simpler and look more luxurious.

All modern cars have the best technology in each engine. Good for driving safety, car design to increase car engine capacity.

7 Car Designs that Revolutionized the Vehicle Industry

Of course, the car we hope for in the future is a car that always perfects its entire design. Here are some selected cars that have revolutionized the vehicle industry:

  1. BMW iX Stream

This car that has a simple appearance and is easy to find on the streets seems to have special features. With just the touch of a button, the BMW iX Flow can change colors in its entirety.

This happens because this car uses e-ink paint. So, this car uses a giant e-reader screen that covers the entire car with millions of microcapsules filled with paint.

So that in the presence of electricity, the microcapsules will change the color.

  1. 2023 Accord

This car with the latest technology combines an SUV with a redesigned Civic. This Accord Hybrid 2023 has a more mature design and a ventilated appearance. The design is much simpler but looks luxurious.

Some parts of this car adopt the Civic design. Like the horizontal shoulder line, thin headlights, and various curves similar to the Civic.

The Honda 2023 Accord is designed to be more fuel-efficient and is likely to be released in late 2022 or early 2023.

  1. Meta HUD

HUD or Heads Up Display uses holography to show important information while driving. This technology claims to be able to help the driver to focus more on the road without looking at the car console which is located below.

Using the HUD means the driver does not have to adjust the brightness while in the car. But this technology seems to have to go through a lot of approval processes to be used effectively.

  1. Hyundai Elevate

Hyundai released a car that has this “elevate” concept in 2019. This car has a concept by combining the legs with the wheels.

So that allows this car to move in a way that is not in general. This car is claimed to be able to climb stairs and allow someone in a wheelchair to enter.

  1. X E-Tense

This car made by the company DS Automobiles adopts the concept of Elon Musk who designed cars for his children.

This car has a three-seat design and is equipped with technology that can change after an impact. This car window is also equipped with technology that can adjust the level of light outside the car.

The interior is quite elaborate and has bright color options. This futuristic style design is similar to other concept cars, but the technology tends to the future.

  1. Cadillac InnerSpace

This car, which is similar to the scene in the Sci-Fi movie, makes a car that can be used for the future. The concept of this vehicle is a driving experience and allows two passengers to focus on the journey.

This car has advanced features and makes the driver focus on the scenery. Using AR to get passengers involved in the journey.

This car tire is made to reduce the resonance of sound waves and make the ride more comfortable. The self-driving feature is one of the technologies on display.

  1. Sony Vision S 02

This car is equipped with screens on both rear seats. Sony makes the car a media center because it is equipped with a fairly widescreen.

This vehicle is also equipped with 40 sensors and even more so that it can monitor vehicle problems and driving safety.

This sensor can also assist passengers during the self-driving mode. By combining a more modern look, this car also uses a Time of Flight Camera that can measure our faces, fatigue, and body movements.

This sensor will help control the temperature and alert the situation around the road while driving.

Those are some revolutionary vehicles and one of them is the 2023 Accord that many fans have been waiting for. Which is your favorite car?

4 Important Considerations for Buying and Renting a Home

Buying a house or renting a house is quite a difficult decision, especially considering the cost of renting or buying a house.

Even the percentage of house rentals is now higher than buying a house. Because there are so many mobile homes for rent near me under $500 that can be rented monthly rent or annual rent.

Given the increasingly expensive house prices, many people are thinking of choosing to just rent it. However, if it is taken into account, the monthly rental fee which is added up to a year will get a large enough amount and can be used to buy a house.

Pros vs Cons of Buying and Renting a Home

Buying and renting a house certainly has a significant difference, especially in terms of costs. If you choose to rent a house, maybe you are only thinking about maintenance costs, monthly rent, and a security deposit.

Meanwhile, to buy a house, you have to apply for a loan to a bank. Moreover, house prices are also volatile and require mortgage payments. But the house you buy is yours and can be used as a long-term investment.

Here are the pros and cons of buying and renting a house:

  • Budgeting

Before you decide to buy or rent a house, of course, budgeting is an important thing to consider. Considering that there are currently a lot of mobile homes for rent near me under $500 that can be your place to live.

Mobile homes are one of the prima donnas for anyone who wants to rent a house. Because you only need to bring yourself and can get a comfortable living environment.

Renting a house will require a security deposit that aims to protect the damage that will occur by the tenant. Unlike buying a house, you have to think about the monthly mortgage costs.

Because you have to take a loan that has an interest that fluctuates every month. Moreover, mortgage payments can also go up and down because the property tax from the house will continue to change.

You don’t have to move around every month and think about rent or damage to your home. But buying a house costs a lot and you have to apply for a loan that you have to pay for the mortgage every month.

If you rent a house, you only need to think about the monthly rental fee. But buying a house, you have to think about the mortgage and interest payments.

  • Tax

There are plenty of mobile homes for rent near me under $500 that don’t require the tenant to pay taxes. Of course, this is different from buying a house.

Because buying a house is the same as owning a property that has to pay taxes every year. But some homeowners require tenants to pay taxes. This can be calculated by reducing the rental fee per year.

  • Build Equity

Buying a house can take advantage of the equity that will accumulate. So, if the value of your house goes up then you will get more money when you decide to sell your house.

But if the value of the house decreases, then you also get a little money. You don’t have to worry about rising rents.

In contrast to the tenant, who must follow the rental price of the property owner who also takes advantage of equity. If the value of the house increases, it is likely that the rent will also increase.

  • Home Care

As a tenant, of course, you don’t need to think about home maintenance because this is the responsibility of the homeowner and you have provided a guarantee fee at the beginning of the rental period.

This is different from buying a house, where you have to be fully responsible for a large number of home maintenance costs.

Renting and buying a home is a decision that must be consistent. Especially now that there are many mobile homes for rent near me under $500 which are profitable for many people.

Before you decide to buy or rent a house, make sure you have a sufficient budget and make sure you will stay for a very long time if you want to buy a house.

8 Ways to Recognize Musical Hearing

One way to make children smarter is by “ear training”. Music is an indicator of a child’s intelligence. And we can train children’s intelligence as early as possible.

One of them with “ear training”. If your child is interested in learning music, then try teaching him ear training. Especially if your child aspires to be a musician or wants to learn music.

You can use tubidy video for your children’s ear training. This ear training will help hone aural skills related to music.

Aural skill is a skill that can develop your ability to hear specifically things related to sound, music, and ear training.

The aural skill in question is when you listen to a song on the radio or playback this song. With ear training, you can immediately find a rhythm and can distinguish different types of sound effects.

How to Recognize Music?

Recognizing music can be in various ways. One of them with ear training. If you develop your music recognition skills, you can improve your memory and increase your self-confidence.

This is why ear training is related to brain intelligence. Here are some tips that you can do for ear training and improve your ability to recognize music:

  1. Active Listening to Music

Learning to recognize music does not have to start early. Many adults decide to get to know music at a fairly old age.

But this is not a problem because ear training can be done at any time. You’re not a Mozart who knows all the rhythms of music.

So, you can practice simply, namely actively listening to music. So that you can live more, you have to close your eyes and enjoy the music

When you’re closed, try asking yourself these questions:

  • What did you hear? This can train you to distinguish high voices, low sounds, animal sounds, and others
  • What is the rhythm, is it fast or slow?
  • How does it sound? Is it quiet or loud?

This simple method can help you improve your listening skills and you can do this exercise every day.

  1. Hearing Test

One way to get to know music is to listen to test your hearing. When you have trouble hearing sound in a crowded room, then you are doing ear training.

If you can enjoy music in a crowd, then this is a sign that your ears can still help you make beautiful music.

  1. Test Skills with Apps

Here you can use tubidy video to test your ear’s ability to hear. You can guess various types of music, sounds, rhythms, and more.

This simple method can train your ears to be better and help you create beautiful music.

  1. Learn the Rhythm

Rhythm is not a natural ability, but you have to practice it often and improve your skills.

You can hone your rhythm skills as this is one of the easiest ways to ear training. Sharpening the rhythm can make you remember all the rhythms of music.

Even if you practice often, then you can create music with a rhythm that you can master.

  1. Master the Melody

Apart from rhythm, you also have to understand the melody. You should also learn to sing to train your ear’s ability to use intervals.

Learning melodies can improve your sense of music. The key is that by understanding the melody you will be able to recognize the intervals through your ears.

  1. Create Harmony

Once you learn rhythm and melody, you can then move on to harmony. Enjoy the rhythm and melody that you have mastered.

  1. Singing Practice After Ear Training

After successfully making musical harmony, then you can practice singing. The ear training process has been completed and you can apply it to hone your vocal skills.

After a few weeks of training your ears and honing your ability to recognize music, you can then practice singing or composing a song.

  1. Learn Audio

Not only rhythm, melody, and harmony, you also have to learn about audio. This is related to your career as a music producer in a show.

You can learn audio effects and how to recognize frequencies. You can learn it in tubidy video so that your musical skills become better.