Month: April 2023

Celebrity and What the Media Doesn’t Tell

There are lots of interesting things about today celebrity gossip that we all want to know. However, believe me, not everything about this celebrity is reported in the media.

There are many things and pieces of information about today celebrity gossip that we do not know and that are not reported by the media. Then, what are the things about celebrities that are not reported in the mainstream media?

Here we will talk about these things, and hopefully it can give you useful and useful information, and of course, it will be good information for you, and at the same time give you insight into the celebrity world.

What the Media Doesn’t Tell You About Celebrity Relationships

Being a celebrity is of course a different world from most people, because celebrities are people who are always present in the entertainment world and can always provide entertaining things. Of course, there is a lot of news about celebrities, who are rarely known by many people and are not exposed in the media either.

Then, what types of information are usually not exposed by the media? Here we will talk about what types of news are not picked up by the media about celebrities.

There’s a lot of news today about celebrity gossip relationships that don’t get caught in the media. This is one of the mysteries that makes a lot of celebrity relationships even more mysterious.

Then, what is the news about celebrity relationships that are rarely picked up by the media at all? So, here is some news about celebrities that the media doesn’t reveal.

Romance Relations With Fellow Celebrities

Don’t be surprised if news about celebrity relationships is not reported at all by the media. This was indeed deliberately done by the media to keep the information secret. Of course, this is usually done at the request of the agency that oversees the two celebrities, so that their love news will be more secure and private.


This is one thing that is often covered up in the world of media. There are lots of cases or scandals involving artists or celebrities that are kept secret by the media and not disclosed by the media. This is of course related to security, privacy, and possibly protecting other parties from losses.

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Celebrity Weddings

Is one of the things that is often not raised by the media and is not reported globally. Marriage is usually a sacred moment, and indeed, many celebrities want to make this moment very private and limited so that it is only shared by family and those closest to them.

Affair Between Celebrities

One of the stories that will not be picked up by the media is usually one about infidelity. Stories like this are usually enough to cause an uproar, but indeed, most media are reluctant to bring this story to the media because it is felt that it can harm many parties, and this usually becomes a story that is not told to the major media.

Birth of a Child

One of the types of news that is rarely exposed to the media is news about the birth of a child. Usually, this birth is kept secret because the parents want to give their newborn child privacy. So, usually, this kind of news is not picked up by the media because of requests from these celebrities.

Those are some things about celebrities that are usually not covered in the media. Some of this information and news may be considered sensitive in some circles. Well, those are some things the media doesn’t tell you about today celebrity gossip.