5 Negara Penghasil Minyak Sawit Teratas Di Dunia

Palm oil or known as Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is one of the main ingredients used for thousands of products that are useful for humans.

As we know, palm oil can be used as a raw material for making food, beauty products, hygiene, and biodiesel. Therefore, as the years go by, the demand for palm oil is higher.

The largest use of palm oil is for cooking in every household around the world. Because palm oil can produce foods that are more savory, last longer, and are more delicious.

Indonesia has a palm plantation in Medan which is one of the largest oil palm plantations in Indonesia. Although Indonesia is the largest palm oil-producing country in the world, several other countries also produce palm oil.

Best Palm Oil Producing Countries

Oil palm can be grown in tropical countries, namely countries that get full sun and have high enough rainfall. So usually palm oil-producing countries are countries with warm temperatures.

Here are some of the largest palm oil producers in the world:

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia has been known as the world’s largest producer of palm oil since the 1990s. Palm plantation in Medan are one of the largest palm oil plantations in Indonesia that produce the largest palm oil.

In 2019, palm oil production in Indonesia even reached 43.5 tons and the annual growth was 3.61%.

Palm plantation in Medan are just one example of the largest oil palm plantations in Indonesia. Other areas such as Riau, North Kalimantan, and North Sumatra also have the largest oil palm plantations.

  1. Malaysia

Not much different from Indonesia, Malaysia is also the largest palm oil producer in the world because it can produce 19.3 tons of palm oil in 2019.

Malaysia has an area of ​​5.35 million hectares of oil palm and is spread across various regions. However, although the amount of land is quite high, the growth rate of palm oil production in Malaysia is very low at 0.96% per year.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is one of the largest tropical palm oil-producing countries in the world. Still, both in Southeast Asia, Thailand managed to produce up to 3 million tons of palm oil in 2019.

This number is increasing every year. Whereas Thailand only has 810 hectares of oil palm land. For the average rate of production growth, Thailand is much better than Malaysia, reaching 3.45% per year.

Although this country is a small country, Thailand has managed to prove that they are the largest palm oil producer in the world and can meet global market demands.

  1. Colombia

Colombia is the only country in Latin America that has succeeded in producing large amounts of palm oil. In 2019, Colombia managed to produce 1.68 million tons of palm oil on 260,000 hectares of land.

However, the growth rate of palm oil production is also quite high, namely 3.38% per year.

  1. Nigeria

The last largest palm oil-producing country in the world is Nigeria. This country is located on the African continent and is the largest producer of palm oil.

Because the production figure reached 1.01 million tons in 2019. Even though Nigeria only has an area of ​​2.5 million hectares of palm oil spread across various regions.

These are some of the largest palm oil-producing countries in the world. One of the largest oil palm plantations in the world is in Medan. Even palm plantation in Medan are one of the largest contributors to palm oil exports in Indonesia.

Of course, the largest palm oil-producing country in the world is included in a tropical country that gets full sun and allows oil palm plants to thrive.

Car Designs that Revolutionized the Vehicle Industry

Every year there will always be a car with the latest technology. Of course, this new technology will improve existing functions.

Every year many cars have more sophisticated and modern designs. One of them is the 2023 Accord, which is a car that was redesigned to be simpler and look more luxurious.

All modern cars have the best technology in each engine. Good for driving safety, car design to increase car engine capacity.

7 Car Designs that Revolutionized the Vehicle Industry

Of course, the car we hope for in the future is a car that always perfects its entire design. Here are some selected cars that have revolutionized the vehicle industry:

  1. BMW iX Stream

This car that has a simple appearance and is easy to find on the streets seems to have special features. With just the touch of a button, the BMW iX Flow can change colors in its entirety.

This happens because this car uses e-ink paint. So, this car uses a giant e-reader screen that covers the entire car with millions of microcapsules filled with paint.

So that in the presence of electricity, the microcapsules will change the color.

  1. 2023 Accord

This car with the latest technology combines an SUV with a redesigned Civic. This Accord Hybrid 2023 has a more mature design and a ventilated appearance. The design is much simpler but looks luxurious.

Some parts of this car adopt the Civic design. Like the horizontal shoulder line, thin headlights, and various curves similar to the Civic.

The Honda 2023 Accord is designed to be more fuel-efficient and is likely to be released in late 2022 or early 2023.

  1. Meta HUD

HUD or Heads Up Display uses holography to show important information while driving. This technology claims to be able to help the driver to focus more on the road without looking at the car console which is located below.

Using the HUD means the driver does not have to adjust the brightness while in the car. But this technology seems to have to go through a lot of approval processes to be used effectively.

  1. Hyundai Elevate

Hyundai released a car that has this “elevate” concept in 2019. This car has a concept by combining the legs with the wheels.

So that allows this car to move in a way that is not in general. This car is claimed to be able to climb stairs and allow someone in a wheelchair to enter.

  1. X E-Tense

This car made by the company DS Automobiles adopts the concept of Elon Musk who designed cars for his children.

This car has a three-seat design and is equipped with technology that can change after an impact. This car window is also equipped with technology that can adjust the level of light outside the car.

The interior is quite elaborate and has bright color options. This futuristic style design is similar to other concept cars, but the technology tends to the future.

  1. Cadillac InnerSpace

This car, which is similar to the scene in the Sci-Fi movie, makes a car that can be used for the future. The concept of this vehicle is a driving experience and allows two passengers to focus on the journey.

This car has advanced features and makes the driver focus on the scenery. Using AR to get passengers involved in the journey.

This car tire is made to reduce the resonance of sound waves and make the ride more comfortable. The self-driving feature is one of the technologies on display.

  1. Sony Vision S 02

This car is equipped with screens on both rear seats. Sony makes the car a media center because it is equipped with a fairly widescreen.

This vehicle is also equipped with 40 sensors and even more so that it can monitor vehicle problems and driving safety.

This sensor can also assist passengers during the self-driving mode. By combining a more modern look, this car also uses a Time of Flight Camera that can measure our faces, fatigue, and body movements.

This sensor will help control the temperature and alert the situation around the road while driving.

Those are some revolutionary vehicles and one of them is the 2023 Accord that many fans have been waiting for. Which is your favorite car?

4 Important Considerations for Buying and Renting a Home

Buying a house or renting a house is quite a difficult decision, especially considering the cost of renting or buying a house.

Even the percentage of house rentals is now higher than buying a house. Because there are so many mobile homes for rent near me under $500 that can be rented monthly rent or annual rent.

Given the increasingly expensive house prices, many people are thinking of choosing to just rent it. However, if it is taken into account, the monthly rental fee which is added up to a year will get a large enough amount and can be used to buy a house.

Pros vs Cons of Buying and Renting a Home

Buying and renting a house certainly has a significant difference, especially in terms of costs. If you choose to rent a house, maybe you are only thinking about maintenance costs, monthly rent, and a security deposit.

Meanwhile, to buy a house, you have to apply for a loan to a bank. Moreover, house prices are also volatile and require mortgage payments. But the house you buy is yours and can be used as a long-term investment.

Here are the pros and cons of buying and renting a house:

  • Budgeting

Before you decide to buy or rent a house, of course, budgeting is an important thing to consider. Considering that there are currently a lot of mobile homes for rent near me under $500 that can be your place to live.

Mobile homes are one of the prima donnas for anyone who wants to rent a house. Because you only need to bring yourself and can get a comfortable living environment.

Renting a house will require a security deposit that aims to protect the damage that will occur by the tenant. Unlike buying a house, you have to think about the monthly mortgage costs.

Because you have to take a loan that has an interest that fluctuates every month. Moreover, mortgage payments can also go up and down because the property tax from the house will continue to change.

You don’t have to move around every month and think about rent or damage to your home. But buying a house costs a lot and you have to apply for a loan that you have to pay for the mortgage every month.

If you rent a house, you only need to think about the monthly rental fee. But buying a house, you have to think about the mortgage and interest payments.

  • Tax

There are plenty of mobile homes for rent near me under $500 that don’t require the tenant to pay taxes. Of course, this is different from buying a house.

Because buying a house is the same as owning a property that has to pay taxes every year. But some homeowners require tenants to pay taxes. This can be calculated by reducing the rental fee per year.

  • Build Equity

Buying a house can take advantage of the equity that will accumulate. So, if the value of your house goes up then you will get more money when you decide to sell your house.

But if the value of the house decreases, then you also get a little money. You don’t have to worry about rising rents.

In contrast to the tenant, who must follow the rental price of the property owner who also takes advantage of equity. If the value of the house increases, it is likely that the rent will also increase.

  • Home Care

As a tenant, of course, you don’t need to think about home maintenance because this is the responsibility of the homeowner and you have provided a guarantee fee at the beginning of the rental period.

This is different from buying a house, where you have to be fully responsible for a large number of home maintenance costs.

Renting and buying a home is a decision that must be consistent. Especially now that there are many mobile homes for rent near me under $500 which are profitable for many people.

Before you decide to buy or rent a house, make sure you have a sufficient budget and make sure you will stay for a very long time if you want to buy a house.

8 Ways to Recognize Musical Hearing

One way to make children smarter is by “ear training”. Music is an indicator of a child’s intelligence. And we can train children’s intelligence as early as possible.

One of them with “ear training”. If your child is interested in learning music, then try teaching him ear training. Especially if your child aspires to be a musician or wants to learn music.

You can use tubidy video for your children’s ear training. This ear training will help hone aural skills related to music.

Aural skill is a skill that can develop your ability to hear specifically things related to sound, music, and ear training.

The aural skill in question is when you listen to a song on the radio or playback this song. With ear training, you can immediately find a rhythm and can distinguish different types of sound effects.

How to Recognize Music?

Recognizing music can be in various ways. One of them with ear training. If you develop your music recognition skills, you can improve your memory and increase your self-confidence.

This is why ear training is related to brain intelligence. Here are some tips that you can do for ear training and improve your ability to recognize music:

  1. Active Listening to Music

Learning to recognize music does not have to start early. Many adults decide to get to know music at a fairly old age.

But this is not a problem because ear training can be done at any time. You’re not a Mozart who knows all the rhythms of music.

So, you can practice simply, namely actively listening to music. So that you can live more, you have to close your eyes and enjoy the music

When you’re closed, try asking yourself these questions:

  • What did you hear? This can train you to distinguish high voices, low sounds, animal sounds, and others
  • What is the rhythm, is it fast or slow?
  • How does it sound? Is it quiet or loud?

This simple method can help you improve your listening skills and you can do this exercise every day.

  1. Hearing Test

One way to get to know music is to listen to test your hearing. When you have trouble hearing sound in a crowded room, then you are doing ear training.

If you can enjoy music in a crowd, then this is a sign that your ears can still help you make beautiful music.

  1. Test Skills with Apps

Here you can use tubidy video to test your ear’s ability to hear. You can guess various types of music, sounds, rhythms, and more.

This simple method can train your ears to be better and help you create beautiful music.

  1. Learn the Rhythm

Rhythm is not a natural ability, but you have to practice it often and improve your skills.

You can hone your rhythm skills as this is one of the easiest ways to ear training. Sharpening the rhythm can make you remember all the rhythms of music.

Even if you practice often, then you can create music with a rhythm that you can master.

  1. Master the Melody

Apart from rhythm, you also have to understand the melody. You should also learn to sing to train your ear’s ability to use intervals.

Learning melodies can improve your sense of music. The key is that by understanding the melody you will be able to recognize the intervals through your ears.

  1. Create Harmony

Once you learn rhythm and melody, you can then move on to harmony. Enjoy the rhythm and melody that you have mastered.

  1. Singing Practice After Ear Training

After successfully making musical harmony, then you can practice singing. The ear training process has been completed and you can apply it to hone your vocal skills.

After a few weeks of training your ears and honing your ability to recognize music, you can then practice singing or composing a song.

  1. Learn Audio

Not only rhythm, melody, and harmony, you also have to learn about audio. This is related to your career as a music producer in a show.

You can learn audio effects and how to recognize frequencies. You can learn it in tubidy video so that your musical skills become better.

Some Things American Advice on Selecting the Right House Design

One important asset for the family which is very needed is a comfortable house. If you are looking for mobile homes for sale under $2000, there are some essential things you should consider. Purchasing a house is a big deal because that will be the place you live in with your loved ones.

There are many choices you have while looking for a house because there are lots of estate agents who are ready to introduce you to many houses. One thing you should always consider is your family and your needs. You have to ensure that the house you are going to purchase is the one that you and your family need.

Things American Advice on Selecting the Right House Design

Recently, smart houses or mobile homes for sale under $2000 booms in the market. For some people, this amount of price might be cheap. Even if you have lots of money, you should be a smart buyer that is why you should consider some important points on selecting the right house design.

  1. Location

The first important thing you must consider while purchasing a house is the location. Do you and your family prefer the one close to the main road, or do you prefer the one that is not pretty close but not pretty far as well? How about the grocery store, bus stop, hospital, school, police office, and other important places you may visit often?

  1. Neighborhood

A home is a place you wish to feel comfortable and safe. It is useless to have a big house in the middle of a dangerous neighborhood. The condition around your house is important because people in your neighborhood will be people you communicate with. You will never imagine that your family will be in danger because they live in a dangerous neighborhood, right?

  1. Facilities

The next thing you should consider is the facilities. Considering what facilities, you will get when purchasing the house, you have chosen. The backyard, the pool, or other facilities you might have.

Not only the facilities inside the house but also the facility you may get in the neighborhood. There might be some public facilities that local residents can enjoy and you have to consider that.

  1. Your budget

Selecting a house is daunting when your budget is limited. The thought of having a mobile house which is completed with advanced facilities might be great. But you cannot let all of your budgets go just for purchasing a house because the house is not everything your family needs, they need lots of things.

  1. How long you will stay

How long you will stay in that house will be the next consideration. If you are planning to live in that house for only several years, you may consider not spending too much money on your house. But if you are planning to stay there for a long time, buying your dream house will be very satisfying. Mobile homes for sale under $2000 might be one of your considerations for that.

The Trend of Retro Classic Scooter Design


The trend of the automotive world is currently gaining popularity again when many people are interested in the retro classic scooter design. This can be seen from how high the public’s interest in owning a Vespa sidecar is.

Because something that has a classic impression and design can give a memorable impression. It is not surprising that the trends and styles of today’s society began to move to the classic style. Even the style is also applied to automotive aspects such as motor vehicles.

What is Retro Classic Scooter Design?

Maybe those of you who are still unfamiliar with the term will feel confused about this discussion. That’s why on this occasion we will explain to you the meaning of the above terms.

The meaning is so combined by explaining each word. First of all, know what is meant by a scooter. A scooter is a two-wheeled motorized vehicle that is run with the concept of automatic and is characterized by the presence of a footing for both feet on the frame of the motorbike.

Whereas the classical sense is the past but not outdated. And retro is a return to a trend that has occurred in the past. So, it can be interpreted that Retro classic scooter design is the design of a scooter with a classic style that was a trend in its time.

Some Unique Retro Classic Scooter Design

Please note that it turns out that there are several unique features in the retro classic scooter design that make many people interested in owning it. With a focus on this uniqueness, it turns out to make an increase in scooter enthusiasts.

·         The Design is Iconic and Not Mainstream

One of the unique things when buying a scooter with a retro classic design is that you can get a motorcycle design that is quite iconic. So having a unique design will certainly make you have a motorbike with a design that is not mainstream.

·         Majority Have Iron Body

One of the unique things when using a retro scooter is that you can get a motorbike with a body made of iron. It can be found like when you see a Vespa sidecar. Besides having a unique design, of course, it has high durability.

Some of the Best Classic Retro Design Scooters

Currently, you can easily find a scooter product in the market with a retro classic design. But with these many choices, it turns out that many people have body mass when they want to choose it. Here we provide recommendations on some of the best classic scooters.

·         Vespa Sprint Note

For the engine specifications of this motorbike, there is no need to doubt the quality. As for the design is very good for lovers of classic style. Because this bike comes with a matt black color combined with a few touches of glossy black.

·         Lambretta V-Special

The body of this motorbike is unique. Because the body design is very distinctive which has a slightly boxy shape. Combined with hexagonal lights add a unique touch. And this product maintains the style of the Italian scooter through the style of the wheels.

With this discussion, we are sure you already know about some of the reasons why retro classic design scooters are in great demand. Plus, those who already have it feel quite interested in modifying it by adding new parts like the Vespa sidecar.

5 Types of Photography Styles to Master

Being a professional photographer, of course, you must master various types of photography. Unfortunately, some photographers feel that they only need to master a few types to highlight their specialty.

To become a master, you must master several types of photography. AVB Asia can give you various lessons about the types of photography that you must master to become a professional photographer.

Types of Photography Styles to Master

To become a master, you must master the following types of photography styles:

  1. Portrait Photography

Anyone can master this style of portrait photography. This type is the most common because it aims to capture the moment of a certain person or atmosphere.

This portrait photography usually takes photos of people or groups of people. Can be posed or candid.

This portrait photo illustrates how the mood of the person in the photo. If you want to become a master wedding photographer, you must master this type of photography style.

  1. Journalism Photography

A photo can tell an event. That’s why a photo is called journalism. You can capture an event or photograph a scene that you can report on.

At AVB Asia you can learn various types of photography including how to take photojournalism.

  1. Fashion Photography

If you want to become a fashion photography master, then you have to train to shoot multiple products. Fashion photographers will work for certain brands or you can become a freelance fashion photographer.

You can learn to take pictures with good lighting and footage techniques. Because if you have mastered this mode of photography, you can work in various locations.

You can practice shooting fashion shows. Focus your camera to capture the moment the model displays all of her clothes.

  1. Sports Photography

For you to become a professional, you can practice any type of sports photography. Come to a match and take photos during the match.

You can catch the moment when the athletes are throwing the ball. Practicing sports photography means that you need to be able to shoot and shoot quickly to keep up with the pace of the athletes.

You can use a high ISO to be able to capture the moment quickly. Practice with a long lens to enlarge the angle.

It is sports photography that captures the emotions, passion, and drama of the field. If you manage to get a sports photo that conveys emotion and passion, then you are ready to become a master.

  1. Commercial Advertising Photography

To become a master, you can practice shooting a product for advertising. You can take a picture of someone’s product or shop.

You can offer your services to several shops or friends who have products. Your photos can later become their business catalog.

Practicing advertising photography is certainly not easy because you have to master the angles and tricks to make the product superior. You can also add lighting to get epic photos for advertising.

Those are some of the styles for learning photography. You can learn it at https://avb.asia/projects/photography so you can hone your skills to become a master.

Beginner Guide’s to Creating Manga Arts

Manga is a Japanese version of comics written in the Japanese language and created using a style developed in the late 19th century. Manga’s current popularity is also so great that almost everyone around the world knows and reads manga. This makes many people read solo leveling to be used as a reference in manga art.

Because it is undeniable that the aesthetics of the manga is also quite high so many people feel motivated to make it. But of course, it is not easy to do, especially for beginners. That’s why you made a guide for beginners if you want to make Manga art as follows.

Making Bright Lines

First of all, what can be done to make Manga art is to make a clear line first. The purpose of the bright line is not a line made using light color ink. Instead, a thin line is made using a pencil with small pressure so that it looks thin and bright. It can be said that this line is a sketch before being given a dark line.

Using Construction Lines

The second step is to use construction lines to build the desired pattern. The construction line itself is another word for the auxiliary line. This line is used when someone wants to create a symmetrical pattern like a face. So make a line that is used to divide the middle of the face to make it look more symmetrical.

Starting Draw from Largest to Smallest

To be able to create good Manga art make sure that the image looks reasonable. For example, is the Proportion size of each body part in the character. That’s why you should start drawing from the largest to the smallest. An example is drawing the body first, then drawing the head, and then drawing the face. Applying this will produce fine art like when you read solo leveling.

Keep Drawing the Hidden Part

The next stage that beginners need to do but are often in the picture is the hidden part. An example of a hidden part in the manga is like the middle part or one eye on a female character who is covered by hair. Usually, most people will not draw the part.

In this section, it is very important to draw even if only using light lines. So that when it is perfectly based on the sketch, the bright line can be removed at the end.

More Drawing Practice

The next stage is that you can try to increase your practice in drawing so that you are more accustomed to making manga art. Because many people skip this because they feel that to do it is quite easy to do if you can memorize a character.

Increasing the portion of practice will be one of the most important aspects to make you more master of the manga drawing style.

Learning Various Manga Styles

The last way that can be done is to try to learn the various styles of manga that can be tried. This can be done easily if you look at various manga works and identify the characters one by one. Try to read solo leveling so you can have enough knowledge about various manga characters.

Stylish Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Christmas is coming soon, which means it’s time to get organized to host family and friends, so why not enjoy it! Let your creativity shine through in decorating, gift wrapping, tableting, and crafting – this is the perfect way to get in on the holiday spirit.

You have everything you need to decorate your dining table and organize an outdoor Christmas party in the store. Think matte dinnerware, load plates, and candles set in glass to protect them from the breeze. When you add local elements, red and gold aren’t necessarily Christmas clichés. Use garden leaves instead of traditional pine boughs, or use gold dust fake leaves and berries (we won’t say!).

Regardless of whether your holiday outfit is gorgeous, rustic, or elegant, just go to the nearest store​​. You will love to choose from a wide variety of outdoor kitchen and dining series, household items, decorations, craft ideas, etc.

Create a Shiny Dining Table

Gold brings a warm and sophisticated look to your holiday table. With shiny golden chargers and textured placemats, an enviable luxurious layered table arrangement can be easily achieved. These gold-finished dinner plates and side dishes can also be dishwasher-washed and are fun all year round. Artificial pineapple, garden fern leaves, and some artificial holly berries complete the custom settings perfectly.

Wrap the Gifts!

Sleigh bells and tin decorations series complement the vintage-style paper prints and add a little sparkle! Try alternately lacing different colored ribbons to personalize the pressure. You can use many things as a gift including cute shiba inu stuffed animal! Make sure to wrap them beautifully so others will love them!

Decorate with White and Gold!

Christmas with a fireplace seems to be derived from a perfect Christmas fairy tale, where magic is everywhere.

This elegant living room seen in a snow-white house in Norway can inspire you to recreate the magical aesthetics you remembered in the Christmas stories you have heard since childhood. A white room can be decorated with white and gold details and decorated with some retro works, linking the decoration with the past. Use delicate tulle to fashion and decorate the stars, candlelight, or even Christmas tree, and try to recreate the magical feeling of Nordic-style Christmas sensation.

LightFilled Modern Family Christmas

Imagine your Christmas dinner at home, surrounded by loved ones, and enjoy a carefully created atmosphere where bright and neutral colors blend in an inspiring environment. This family home is prepared for parents and their three children. The decoration combines silver, gold, and amber to make up for the current neutral colors.

Tall and Elegant Christmas trees

Tall living rooms create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Imagine a tall Christmas tree spanning the vertical windows, creating a charm and gifts gathered at the bottom of it. The combination of glare and natural light creates the perfect background for family photos. Enjoy the fun of creating the Christmas decorations of your dreams, remember that simplicity makes Christmas modern. If your home isn’t tall enough to display a towering tree and give way to the holiday spirit, choose from these 10 Christmas tree ideas!

Add Stuffed Animal for More Stylish Christmas!

Using a stuffed animal as a decoration is also an option to make a more stylish Christmas home decoration. You can add shiba inu stuffed animal, dog toy, or even cat toy so the kids will love it! Adding stuffed animal also create more warmth through the Christmas that will make this year Christmas even more memorable!

Well, that is all about the stylish Christmas decoration that you can do simply in your home. Hope this information helps and makes your Christmas enjoyable and memorable!

Motorcycle Accessories to Enhance Your Riding Experience

If you have a Honda Monkey sidecar, you obviously want to ride along the way with relaxation, enjoy the view and the ride. Well, this may not be happening if you don’t have several accessories to make your riding experience better. Indeed, some motorcycle accessories will help you to make your riding even better. If you are a new biker, here are several things that may help you to experience riding better.

Accessories for Your New Motorcycles

You can buy these accessories to get a better riding experience. Here are those accessories.

  • Helmet Lock

We all know that helmet is the crucial part when it comes to riding motorcycles. It helps you to be safer when there is something bad on the street. However, there are many helmet thieves out there that will make your precious helmet gone suddenly. You don’t want this, and you might need the helmet lock to prevent those thieves from stealing your precious helmet.

  • Smartphone USB Charger

You must bring your smartphones when you go anywhere, including when you ride your motorcycles. When you need to ride and your smartphone runs out of battery, it will not bother you anymore if you have a smartphone USB charger on your motorcycles. You can go to the nearest motorcycle garage and ask for help to install this USB charger. The USB charger is not only helpful for smartphone charging, but it will be helpful for many other uses as well.

  • Riding Gear

Riding around the city with your beloved Honda Monkey sidecar will be perfect if you wear your riding gear. What it means by riding gear here is the motorcycle jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and safety helmet. Your riding will be much better when you wear these gears. Not only that, those gears will give you better protection from strong wind, hot or cold weather, and fatal accident.

  • First Aid Kit

We don’t know the future, so we have to prepare things in case if anything bad comes up. First Aid Kit is the one accessory that is very important to carry while you’re riding. If it’s not for you, you can always help people in the street when something bad happened. So, make sure you carry a first aid kit while you’re riding.

  • Bike Cover

It’s very annoying when you just washed your motorcycle and the rain falls suddenly. Bike cover will prevent your motorcycle to get dirty when the rain falls off a sudden. The bike cover will also protect your motorcycle from any kind of scratch from small stones, dust, or anything thrown by a strong wind.

  • Seat Cover

If you don’t like the default seat cover of your Honda Monkey sidecar, you can always customize it with the customized one. Do you want a softer and more tender seat? Well, you can go to the nearest motorcycle garage to customize the seat that you like. The seat cover will not only give you the comfort advantage, but it will also become the protector of the inside seat so it will not be cut, scratch, or damaged.