Month: June 2021

How to Decorate a Small Space

Decorating a room is indeed a must if you have a room that is not used and wants to be used for certain purposes. Even though it looks simple but many people experience different obstacles because of the limitation of the space they have.

Some people have large room spaces and some have narrow spaces. It Will was not a problem if you decorate a spacious room, but how to decorate a narrow space?

He said you should be able to find ideas to make use of the narrow space that can look spacious and remain functional. Therefore apply the following tips to decorate narrow spaces.

Choose Functional Furniture

One of the tips to be able to decorate a narrow space to look spacious and functional remains is by trying to choose functional furniture. So you don’t need to buy furniture that looks too luxurious and big because it will narrow the space and maybe a function that won’t work optimally.

That’s why to use the most possible furniture and according to your requirements. We recommend buying a voltmeter that doesn’t diminish too big but has several functions at once like the lower ladder can be used as a closet.

Use The Wall

The second tip if you want to decorate a narrow space, it can be done by utilizing an empty wall. Because if you want to decorate a minimalist theme of course you have to be able to use all the space.

You can use the wall to attach some furniture what a wall shelf or other. You can use the shoe rack that can be pasted on the wall so it will save more space.

Use the Furniture

To make a narrow space have a broad impression then you can use folding furniture that has several functions at once. If you don’t know about furniture like this, you can try to see it via the internet.

Because there are some interesting folding furniture and will certainly be very suitable to put on a narrow room. Like a sleeping bed that can be folded so that when thrown it will bring up a hidden table. This does not make you have to use space to save the table.

Give A Bright Impression On The Color Of The Room

Other tips that you can try applying if you want to decorate a narrow space but want to look spacious and maximal, you can try to change the color of the room. Because by giving a bright impression it will turn out to make the room look wider.

So you can try replacing the main wall paint with bright colors like light blue, gray, and others. So that it will not be a problem if it will be combined with furniture that has dark colors even because it will be dominated by bright colors.

Pin The Mirror On Several Sides

The mirror is also one of the important weapons to be able to give a broad impression in a narrow space. This has been proven by many people and applied to several houses with a minimalist impression.

Use a few mirrors with moderate or large sizes to stick on several sides of your narrow space. As much as possible avoid using mirrors that have too large or thick frames so as not to eat other rooms. Just use the glass with a normal frame without any addition.

8 How To Choose The Most Beautiful Paint Color For The House


Paint is a layer that is required to be applied on a wall surface at home. Because coating the wall with this liquid it will certainly make the aesthetic value of the house become increasing.

Moreover, there are also some other functions of the current paint, because some paint currently has several features to be able to be a waterproof layer and others. That’s why there are indeed many reasons why paint is indeed obliged to be applied on a surface, especially the walls.

But unfortunately, now many people feel confused when they want to choose the paint based on the color. Most of them do not know how to be able to determine the best color to be beautiful to look at. If so, follow the following ways to determine the best paint colors for the house.

Conduct Trials On White Wall Media

The simplest way if you want to try the suitability of paint color with the room, it can be done by applying the paint to the white wall. Because it will be seen how the results can be assessed afterward.

Test In A Small Room

The first way if you cannot determine the most suitable color to be applied to the wall there is by testing the small room first. Because if you paint a small room, of course, it won’t take time and it’s certainly easy to reduce if you want to change color.

Because by painting a room intact, it will be able to make it fully assess whether the paint color is appropriate to be applied to the entire room or not.

Try Choosing Colors As Desired

The second way can be done by trying to adjust your desire to apply it to the paint color selection. Because the part to be painted will be one of the points you continue to see onwards, whether try choosing the color you like.

Even though a color that is suitable to be applied to the room but the color doesn’t you like, it is also useless, because the results will make you uncomfortable. So try adjusting the color selection with your wishes.

Learn The Meaning Of Color Terms

To be able to help you choose the best paint color especially for your residence, you must know about some of the terms in color. Because you must know about some elements of color like Hue and Saturation. By mastering the terms in color it will certainly make it easier for the right color selection.

Use A Color Palette

One way to be able to determine the choice of the best design interior and most beautiful paint colors for your room is using the color palette. So the point is you can try inserting all the desired colors into the color palette.

After everything enters the palette then you can try to adjust it with the room environment to select the best color that is most appropriate to be applied. This method will certainly be very effective to do if it still feels hesitant to try it directly on the wall.

Consider Color Differences In Each Room

Perhaps some people will prefer to use one color to paint all parts of the house. But to give an aesthetic impression and beauty of course you can use several types of colors based on existing rooms.

But of course, you cannot choose it in a nutty because it must consider between conformity and harmony between colors in each room. It might be better if you choose 1 type of color but only distinguish between the brightness level.

Adjust To Color Furniture

The next way that is worth applying if you want to determine the best color in a room is certainly by adjusting the color between paint with furniture. You won’t replace all furniture just because the color doesn’t match the wall paint right?

Because it will be better if you adjust the paint color with existing furniture. Make sure the color between the paint with the furniture is not too opposite so that it will look harmonious when put together.

Pay Attention To Lighting

In choosing a paint color of course you not only have to consider the suitability of your desire with the paint color. Because after all you also have to consider the paint color with other aspects.

One of them is the lighting aspect. Where to be able to get the best color in a room, it must adjust the color with the lighting source. If your room has a minimal lighting source then it is not recommended to choose a dark color, this will give a dark impression on the room.

How to Write a Condolence Note

Maintaining a relationship with other people is one of the most important things to do today. This is done so that you can feel closer to someone without worrying about chatting with them.

To be able to maintain a relationship that can be done in various ways. But one of the most important things is to keep communicating. Communication can also be done directly or indirectly through letters.

For example, giving condolences to someone who is grieving. This is very mandatory if you have not communicated with that person for a long time. Because by giving these words, of course, you can maintain your relationship with that person.

Reasons Why Write Condolences

It should be noted that you should write a letter of condolences to your acquaintances. This is because several reasons make you obliged to write the letter. After all, it will have some impact.

One of them is to be able to maintain communication between you and someone. Although it can be said that it has been a long time since we have not communicated, starting communication again through this letter will be able to improve relations.

The second reason is that the bereaved party will feel that you are concerned and feel sympathy for them. So that your words can make the party feel that you are like their own family because they still care about them.

How to Write a Condolence Letter

Although this expression can be said directly easily when face to face, many people feel confused about how to write it by letter. That’s why the following information for more details.

The first is that you can try to give a reason why you wrote the condolence letter. Because if you write a letter directly to the point without giving a reason why you are writing the letter, it will certainly look impolite.

At least you must provide a reason why the letter was written, for example, it could be because you heard the news of the death of a family member, or it could also use other valid reasons.

The second way if you want to write a condolence letter then try to offer help. Although later the party who receives the letter will not take it seriously, at least this shows that you also sympathize and sincerely want to help them.

Say That You Won’t Forget It

The next way can be done by saying that you will not forget the person who has died. Whether the letter is intended for the deceased or the deceased’s family, you still have to include the words “I will not forget you”.

Because with words like this it will show that the person is so precious to you that it is impossible to forget him. For families who read this letter, of course, will also feel very touched so that it will be able to strengthen the relationship between you.


Although the condolence letter looks quite simple and trivial, it is important to know that words like this can strengthen and strengthen your relationship with other people. Because this letter will show you how much they mean to you so you can take the time to write to them.